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Nyangoma Recha's Story

Nyangoma Recha comes from a mud village in Kikoria, Uganda. Nyangoma is eight-years-old and is currently in P-1 (sort of like first grade). Nyangoma means “older twin” -- in that she was the first baby born from a twin pregnancy. Her twin is dead, we're not sure why yet, but are looking to find out. Her father died eighteen months ago. Sister Ernestine, the founder of the Bishop Asili Hospital, will investigate the cause. Nyangoma lives with her mother and baby brother in a one-room mud hut.


Giving Nyangoma and girls like her an education gives them the hope of avoiding sex, pregnancy, HIV infection, and early marriage until they are aware enough to be able to make conscious decisions.

Thanks to Donors like you, Nyangoma Recha is now a thriving schoolgirl. She's fluent in English, loves to read, and would like to become a nurse.

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