The Collective Heart was initially founded by Debbie Ford in 2007. We honor the generous, kind, and courageous soul of Debbie Ford, who passed away February 17, 2013 after a brave struggle with cancer for more than a decade. Debbie was not only a courageous leader and advocate for children in need all around the world, she was our friend.

The departure of Debbie created a defining moment for The Collective Heart as it prompted our need to continue the mission independently as we fulfilled our role as a foundation. As a result, our team, our work and our commitment remains the same, as we have come together and defined a significant direction for The Collective Heart. We have successfully fulfilled our original goal of raising $100,000 for the Girl Power Project, and have now look beyond this single program to support ongoing international programs that meet our mission of providing improved access to education for girls globally! In doing so, we are continuing to create a better world for adolescent girls by empowering and fostering a future of hope through academic achievement.

We are committed to fulfilling, and continuing the mission Debbie started, in rural Uganda and in other communities across Africa, and for generations to come transforming education around the world.

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