We believe every child deserves access to a quality education. But we need your help to achieve it.

Our Mission: 
Uniting humanity by inspiring global and collective transformation.  

Caring individuals around the world have often asked themselves the ONE question that has plagued people for generations.

“How can we create a better world for our children?”

The answer is shockingly simple: We can create a better world through Adolescent Girls.

In fact, we can solve world problems such as hunger, HIV/AIDS, poverty, illiteracy and war simply by supporting adolescent girls.

The Collective Heart's mission and purpose focuses on adolescent girls and is based on the common belief that when given the opportunity, women and girls can lift themselves and their families out of poverty. As tomorrow's leaders they can inspire entire villages, cities, and even nations to a new path of hope and prosperity.

We invite you to stand with us in our commitment to empower thousands of girls in rural Uganda and Kenya, girls who can empower more girls in other communities across Africa, thus creating a ripple effect of sustainable positive change for generations to come.

When you INVEST in a GIRL, she will do the rest!

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The Collective Heart is a phenomenal community that is committed to changing lives by inspiring and uplifting communities, thus creating a world where education is available for everyone!

Led by a volunteer group of Integrative coaches, we are a “collective community" committed to bringing education to those who cannot provide it for themselves. Based on our endeavors over the past decade, we have supported the building and maintenance of six primary schools, 5 in Uganda and 1 in Kenya. It is our aim to continue to raise awareness and funds in support of children in these communities as well as all around the world as we are called to support projects that support our mission, such as The Girl Power Project.

When you donate $25 or more to The Collective Heart, not only will your donation help to educate a child, but you will also be helping to create a sustainable life for a mother and all of her children, thereby creating a cycle of empowerment and love.

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