Girl Power

Let's face it, we live in a world that still favors boys, especially in under-developed societies like Uganda where girls have to struggle long and hard, from the early years into adulthood, with few opportunities to become leaders. In today's intricately interconnected global world, it's no longer about "us and them". What happens in Uganda affects all of us. That's why The Girl Power Project is built on solid evidence that clearly tells us empowered women and girls are the key to breaking generational cycles of poverty, disease, abuse and illiteracy!

When we empower girls to become leaders:

  • They start businesses, and help build critical infrastructure, like water systems, roads, hospitals and schools shaping culture and becoming respected members of society;
  • They get married when they want to, and become mothers when they're "ready" emotionally, physically, and financially;
  • They're no longer a drain on society, they're the foundation of societies that can thrive on their own, without our aid.

Now, through the end of the 2012 The Collective Heart, together with Feminine Wisdom will be raising funds to support The Girl Power Project. This project is a year-long program for 100 promising adolescent girls in Uganda. Created by the non-profit Just Like My Child, this program will empower these girls to in-turn empower other girls. This ripple effect will create 10,000 leaders in Uganda who are committed to a self-sustaining, female-led Africa.

Girl Power

Inside of The Girl Power Project, girls will engage in three phases of development that impart critical skills, and instill in them a deep knowing of their own value, not just as baby makers, but as educated, intelligent, deeply empowered leaders who can run businesses, rebuild infrastructure, and forever transform their communities, their economies, and their culture.

EDUCATION ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH! We must do more to protect and develop these girls so they can become tomorrow's leaders!

YES, count me in! I want to be a part of the collective vision, and help create 10,000 Global Leaders by supporting The Girl Power Project!

Your financial help is hugely appreciated, and we honor you for your contribution toward transforming education around the world. You can make a donation to support The Girl Power Project online using a credit card, or if you prefer you can pay by check.

Donations are tax deductible and any donation -- no matter how small WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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